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Common Spanish phrases: Basic sentences to learn

common spanish phrases basic sentences to learn

Learn essential common Spanish phrases for everyday communication. Our blog covers common Spanish sentences for introducing yourself and saying hello & goodbye.

Why learn the most common Spanish phrases first

why learn the most common spanish phrases first

Don’t let the notion that there are an infinite number of sentences in the Spanish language intimidate you. The good news is that you just need to be conversant in a tiny subset of Spanish phrases to speak Spanish fluently.

For instance, even if you only know 100 words, you can understand 50% of any book.

Many lists of the top 1000 Spanish terms are available to start. In the course of your travels, you can easily start a pretty basic Spanish discussion. Simply begin with the most often-used Spanish terms to form simple sentences.

Use basic Spanish phrases to start having real conversations right now. Once you start learning a few basic sentences, you’ll be able to have your first simple conversation.

I put prepared typical Spanish sentences that reflect everyday conversations to get you speaking in no time. Take confidence building into consideration.

Starting with the simplest concepts and working your way up to the more complicated ones is how you learn a language. What could you possibly say if you combined 1,000 Spanish sentences? The audio course “Ripeti con moi” contains 33 courses that cover this material.

Increase your fluency using popular sentences. We swiftly establish the groundwork for you to learn more difficult Spanish phrases by starting with the fundamentals.

You don’t even need to be proficient in thousands of them. You can steadily increase your knowledge so that you become fluent more quickly than you might anticipate.

Easy sentences in Spanish: tips for beginners

Keep things simple and begin with basic Spanish sentences if you’re a novice or casual learner planning a vacation to Spain. Take some time to consider how sentences are constructed before you rush to memorize 1000 sentences.

To form a sentence in Spanish, certain words and phrases must be put in a specific order. A simple sentence is one independent clause that represents a full notion and has a subject and verb.

A simple statement must meet a few crucial criteria.

  • ¡Muchas gracias!
    Thank you very much!
  • Disculpe señor, señora, señorita…
    Excuse me sir, mam, miss…
  • ¡Buenas tardes!
    Good afternoon!
  • ¡Buenas noches!
    Good evening!
  • ¿Qué onda?
    What‘s up?
  • Que gusto saludarte.
    It’s nice to see you.
  • Mil disculpas.
    I’m sorry.
  • Con permiso ¿Puedo pasar?
    Excuse me, can I come in?
  • Le agradezco mucho.
    I appreciate it.
  • Disculpe; ¿me puede ayudar por favor?
    Excuse me, could you help me, please?

Greetings in Spanish

greetings in spanish

The first thing you should practice is greeting people! After all, you’re going to start every fundamental Spanish discussion with a hello. But ciao isn’t the only way to say hello in Spanish! Although they may seem apparent, basic Spanish phrases are nonetheless helpful.

Whether you’re speaking for business or while traveling, knowing Spanish greetings will help you make a good first impression. Introductions and pleasantries are valued in Spanish culture since they are frequently seen as the most basic forms of expressing respect.

Depending on whether the context is formal (a business meeting), you can use alternative terms (meeting someone at a restaurant).

Give friends and colleagues a sincere greeting or as a way to break the ice. You may also learn more Spanish phrases like months, year, seasons, and days, and how you can use them in your daily Spanish conversation.

Here are other ways of greeting each other:

  • ¿Cómo andas? – How are you?
  • Guay – the “good” of “old man” slang
  • De lujo – Deluxe (if you want to sound a bit more chic)
  • Ahí voy – There I go
  • Ahí vamos – Here we go
  • Hecha polvo / hecho polvo – Dusty (may reflect sadness or tiredness)

How to say hello and goodbye in Spanish

You’re aware that the Spanish word for “hello” is “hola,” right?

However, Spanish politeness doesn’t end there. There are numerous ways to say “hello,” “how are you?” and “goodbye,” depending on the circumstance, just like in English.

First, let’s start with the basics. The most common way to say hello in Spanish is “Hola.” This is a simple and informal way to greet someone, and it’s suitable for most situations. It’s similar to saying “hi” or “hey” in English.

Another way to say hello in Spanish is “Buenos días,” which means “good morning.” This greeting is used mostly in the morning and is a polite way to start a conversation.

Similarly, you can say “Buenas tardes” (good afternoon) and “Buenas noches” (good evening) to greet someone depending on the time of the day. When it comes to saying goodbye, there are a few ways to do so in Spanish.

The most common and straightforward way is “Adiós.” This word is similar to saying “goodbye” in English and can be used in most situations.

Another way to say goodbye in Spanish is “Hasta luego,” which means “until later.” This phrase is used when you plan to see the person again soon. Similarly, you can say “Hasta pronto” (see you soon) or “Nos vemos” (see you) when you plan to meet again in the near future.

Communication and relationship-building require an understanding of how to say hello and goodbye in Spanish.

These fundamental greetings will be useful whether you are visiting a Spanish-speaking nation or simply want to impress your Spanish-speaking friends. Keep in mind that the most typical greeting is “Hola,” and the most typical farewell is “Adiós.”

In addition, depending on the time of day, you can politely greet someone with “Buenos das,” “Buenas tardes,” “Buenas noches,” and “Nos vemos” when you want to see them again soon. You’ll be able to confidently handle any social scenario with the help of these phrases.

Phrases to introduce yourself in Spanish

Here are some fundamental words and sentences you can use to introduce oneself in any circumstance.

Me llamo is the most straightforward way to introduce yourself in Spanish, followed by your name. You can tell someone your name by saying “Me llamo,” which translates to “My name is.” “Me llamo Juan,” for instance, indicates “My name is Juan.”

Saying “Soy” before your name is another method to introduce yourself in Spanish. “Soy” is Spanish for “I am,” and you can use it to introduce yourself to someone. “Soy Juan,” for instance, indicates “I am Juan.”

Additionally, it’s customary to mention your hometown while making an introduction. You can start a sentence with “Soy de” and then the name of your nation or city. “Soy de Mexico,” for instance, indicates “I am from Mexico.”

You may also discuss your line of work or profession. You can add your occupation to the phrase “Trabajo como” (I work as) or “Estudio” (I study). For instance, “Estudio medicina” means “I study medicine” or “Trabajo como enfermera” means “I work as a nurse.”

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