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6 great gifts for language learners they will use and love

6 great gifts for language learners they will use and love

Looking for the perfect gift for a language learner? Our guide covers 6 great gift ideas that they will love and use on their language-learning journey.

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Are you searching for the ideal present for a friend or family member who is passionate about languages? Or perhaps you want to surprise them with a thoughtful gift because they have recently shown interest in learning Spanish language or Japanese language. This list is for you if such is the case. Here are 6 original (and affordable!) gifts for the language enthusiast in your life.

A Quick Guide on how to choose the best gift for language-lovers from this list

It can be challenging to think of a suitable present for a buddy who speaks a language but you have never studied one. These inquiries can assist you in selecting the ideal presents for language learners.

  • Is the gift intended for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced language learner?
  • What additional interests does the language learner have?
  • Is he or she in the early, middle, or late stages of learning a language? (I’m learning vocabulary, trying to get better at speaking, listening, or pronouncing, or I want to understand more words as a more advanced learner.)
  • What inspired him to study the language? (for enjoyment, has to study for an exam, plans to live, study, or work abroad, loves languages)

As we continue with the list of gifts for language learning, keep these queries in mind. Asking yourself these questions will help you decide if you’re having problems. Ideally, they should assist you in selecting a fantastic gift.

PRO TIP: Be a little deceptive if you’re unsure of where they are in their learning. Come discuss their educational path with them. People are learning the language for various reasons, depending on whether they are beginners or intermediates. Simply show interest in their language development and choose a present by their responses.

Language notebook

It’s usually a good idea to have a brand-new notepad on hand for writing in another language or making grammar notes. I feel like a whole new world of possibilities opens up every time I acquire a new notebook, which makes me even more driven to accomplish my objectives! You should, however, make sure that the notebook you purchase is appropriate for your language student.

I’ve received notebooks with blank pages for sketching instead of lines and spirals that are so thick that they frequently bend and break in my backpack. The greatest language notebooks are compact and have lines to make it easier to arrange your ideas.

I assure you that your friend or loved one will value the gift you gave them much more if they can put it to good use! Little colored sticky notes that can help them divide the diary into sections, several pens, highlighters, or blank flashcards for practicing the new phrases are a few tools you could add to this gift.

Board games

Fun makes learning easier, and learning a language is no different. A board game with a language theme is a great gift for kids, adults, or anyone learning a new language.

Board games are great presents for linguists because you can play them after Christmas morning’s gift opening. Choose from old favorites like Scrabble, which is available in just about any language you can imagine, or brand-new titles like Kloo, which is available in French, Spanish, Italian, and English.

Foreign language books

Your language student may be concentrating on vocabulary acquisition or speaking but reading is one of the fastest methods to pick up new words. You shouldn’t, however, simply purchase any book in the language they are studying for them. The best books to read—even for fluent speakers—are ones you have already read in your mother tongue!

A younger audience is even better because the vocabulary will be simpler to understand. Whether they are 15 or 55 years old, your language student will be happy to receive this gift! In addition to being a nice gift, it demonstrates that you have some understanding of how to acquire a language through reading.

Gadgets for online learning

We are currently in the era of video calls because the coronavirus pandemic forced so many of our social and professional connections online. Your loved one may be studying online.

This is the way to go if you want to spoil a travel and language enthusiast with a more expensive present. Webcams, headsets, computers, and microphones you pick. Read our articles specifically about laptops and microphones to get the most out of their language learning experience.

Digital voice recorder

When learning a new language, a digital voice recorder is my second best friend (after my language notebook, where I write and keep track of my vocabulary). I first videotape myself speaking new words I’m learning. I then take the recorder with me when I go to work or just for a walk and listen to the words.

It aids me in learning how to pronounce the words correctly as well as in memorization of them. If you put the effort into it, recording oneself is significantly more effective than listening to a record you previously mentioned those things, so.

So you’ll comprehend what they’re saying when you listen to them again. You feel as though you are improving your language abilities when you are conversing with a digital voice recorder in your hand. Also, it is an easy task.

Flashsticks: vocabulary post-its

This is the ultimate stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift for anyone learning a language. Flashsticks, which come in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and English, are post-its with a vocabulary word and an image that you may attach anywhere in your home, office, or another setting. They’re adorable, tremendously useful, and incredibly economical, and you can buy them on Amazon!

Choose the best gifts for language learners

choose the best gifts for language learners in learning spanish language

This is a list of my suggestions and presents for language learning. I’m sure you’ll recognize some of the presents on this list if you’re a language student. You’ll find it simple to choose the appropriate present for a friend or member of your family who is taking a language course.

Choose a language that intrigues you if you just have one crazy buddy who is passionate about languages but you aren’t… or if you’re not sure which one to choose at all. Finding the ideal gift for a language student can be done by using the questions I provided at the beginning of this post. Each of these gifts will be beneficial to them equally.

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