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How to teach on Italki

how to teach on italki

The most excellent website for online language instruction is Italki. We’ll go over how to teach Italki in this post. Let’s investigate!

Why a guide to teaching languages online?

why a guide to teaching languages online

As I switch from providing online instruction to managing my website, I’m prepared to divulge my small secrets. I feel qualified to create a guide about teaching languages on Italki after four years of instruction and more than 1600 completed online classes.

My credentials are listed in the Italki evaluation. Other reviews and recommendations of a similar nature do exist, but they lack guidance based on firsthand experience because they are either out of date or limited to “housekeeping” characteristics like sign-up processes.

Why do you teach languages online?

Workplace devotion

If you have the flexibility of choosing your job based on your hobbies rather than merely making a living, teaching languages online is an intriguing option. You might make a terrific tutor if you’re passionate about speaking your original language and enjoy interacting with individuals from around the world. If you had any extra training, you might pursue a career as a teacher.


Thanks to the internet, you can now work from anywhere in the world. You can indeed work and travel at the same time. There are many different sizes and kinds of digital nomads. The most prevalent occupations are those of programmers, web designers, graphic designers, translators, and teachers.

Reasonable rates?

Each profession has well-paid professionals as well as everyday men who struggle to make ends meet. Online education does not typically give particularly high hourly rates, but with the right marketing, you can still command fair prices. This manual also seeks to help you with that.

What is Italki?

Italki is the biggest online community for language learning that links teachers and students for one-on-one online language instruction. It boasts 10,000 teachers instructing more than 5 million students in 130 different languages. Check out my Italki for students’ review. I wrote it from the perspective of a student, but it equally applies to professors.

Why teach languages on Italki

  • Earn decent money
  • As an Italki teacher, you set your prices
  • Find more students
  • Largest and best developed in its genre
  • Teach on your schedule
  • Work from home, or just anywhere
  • You can teach from anywhere with an internet connection using only a computer and a headset
  • Build an online teaching reputation to draw new students and prospective employers
  • International payments
  • Italki handles all the payments so you don’t have to
  • Manage your students
  • Italki helps you manage all your student records and history
  • Safety and Security

The advantage of working for Italki is that your hourly wage will be significantly higher than it would be if you were employed by an online tutoring business. Additionally, you’ll be able to instruct adults in more difficult subjects and exam preparation. Additionally, it is practical because you can teach throughout the day rather than just in the morning like many teachers who work for Chinese corporations do.

To minimize confusion while scheduling a session or meeting with teachers, you can look at this timezone converter. If you want to take your online teaching to a new level of freedom and want to branch out from online teaching firms, Italki is a perfect place to start.

Isn’t it possible for me just to create my teaching website?

It could be alluring to build your website to draw in students so that you can keep all the money. But I don’t advise it, especially in the first several years.

Why you should start on Italki

The world’s largest marketplace for language instructors and students is Italki. You are allowed to instruct in any language you want. Students will find you if you simply create a profile and specify your fees. It costs nothing at all to create a profile.

Italki does take a 15% cut of your profits but considering everything they do for you, it’s still a bargain compared to many other platforms. Your entire marketing is handled for you, and their efforts are well-known. When there are problems with the classes, they answer promptly and logically, and in my experience, they settle disputes quickly and fairly.

You must decide on a strategy, make a list, build a website, manage social media, and produce amazing content (regularly). Although it can take dozens or even hundreds of hours to achieve the desired results, the payoff is worthwhile. Because of the intimidation factor, many (if not most) people give up along the route.

And you do experience traffic right away. Every day, potential students who are interested in taking lessons from an instructor can view your profile. For individuals who don’t have a blog, website, or a large social media following, this is a huge advantage. Do not forget that this is a flea market.

The English teacher’s table is the same size as yours in this location, even though they might have a blog and a sizable email list. You can still create a website for branding. To put it another way, it takes a lot of time and effort to create a website that generates income, however, it is simple to create a website that helps you make money.

Your website can still be a helpful teaching and marketing tool even if it doesn’t directly drive visitors or sales. On your website, you post your profile, frequently asked questions, and connections to resources like dictionaries and language-learning apps. The appearance that you are a professional is furthered by a professional website. If pupils think you’re valuable, you can charge more.

How will Italki help me in becoming a teacher?

how will italki help me to become a teacher

You’re a freelancer, not an employee

This manual is meant to provide you with a thorough overview of how to teach any language on Italki and to give you the chance to learn from some of my successes and failures along the road. In this free guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about using Italki. There is a lot to learn, including how to employ students, how much Italki pays, and how to give a class.

Italki is not an online school like SayABC, Palfish, or VIPKID, in contrast to online teaching businesses. Instead, they serve as a thriving marketplace for students and teachers of languages. They connect language learners with private tutors through a combination of a market and a community. Starting a teaching career takes some time. You must apply, present your credentials, and pass a screening process before being included in the pool of prospective teachers.

The process to become a teacher with Italki

You must first apply to begin the instructor application process. Send in your application for review. The request will either be pre-approved, added to a waitlist, or rejected. A notification will be sent to applicants within 10 business days. After being approved, teachers go through an onboarding procedure that includes a quiz and videos of successful teachers.

Following completion of the self-study section, you will need to participate in a video chat with Italki Teacher Services. Your application will be deemed formally approved if you have completed all of these requirements. You will be informed following your call to teacher services within 7 business days. Time wasters and ineligible candidates must be weeded out using this process.

Who is qualified to apply to teach in Italki?

Anyone is welcome to apply; while having teaching experience may be advantageous, many students simply wish to study with a native speaker of the language. You may easily get compensated to engage in stimulating conversation with international students, particularly if you desire to work as a community tutor.

What are the standards for teaching in Italki?

There are two categories of teachers in Italki:

  • Professional teachers
  • Community tutors

The following qualifications must be satisfied for you to work as a professional instructor on Italki:

  • Having a bachelor’s degree. If in education you’ll be given priority. If no bachelor’s, you’ll need a TEFL certificate or equivalent.
  • Having references and employment history
  • Submitting a short introduction video
  • Being a native speaker (or being at a C2 language ability)
  • Being at least 18 years old

Professional teachers must have a background in education or substantial classroom experience. To help students accomplish their goals, they should also contain tools, prepared information, and well-structured lesson plans. You must supply documentation proving your teaching credentials to apply for a professional teaching profile.

You need to possess the following qualifications to operate as a community tutor:

  • Submitting a short video introduction
  • Being a native speaker of your language or having a verified C2 language ability
  • Being 18 years old

Community tutors should be approachable, educated, and willing to assist kids. They should also provide them the opportunity to practice speaking in public.

Which languages can I teach?

Any language that you speak at a C2 or native level. When speaking in your Introduction video, you must demonstrate your C2 level if you intend to teach a second language. Italki aspires to enable everyone to study any language from the convenience of their own homes and strongly promotes language learning.

Setting up your profile correctly with Italki

setting up your profile correctly with italki

Making a successful teacher profile is what you should do after passing the screening procedure and being accepted into the teacher marketplace. Your Italki instructor profile needs to have some things.

Profile picture

For Italki, add a profile picture. You should be smiling in this picture, which should be taken from the shoulders up on a plain background. It must appear warm and expert enough for others to take you seriously.

Introduction video

The most important feature of an Italki profile is undoubtedly the introduction video. I’ve added a section below on it because it’s so important. This video needs to be uploaded to YouTube before being added to your profile. If you don’t want your YouTube video to be seen by the site’s regular users, set it to “unlisted.”

Teaching skills

You can then create a list of the languages you are familiar with and can teach using Italki. Future language students can decide if you are the best teacher for them based on your teaching specialties.

About your lessons and yourself

You have three lengthy text sections to describe your teaching philosophy and personality. Write this with care because it will be your marketing copy. Include details about your professional background, education, teaching philosophy, prior employment, and track record of success in the classroom.

These fields can grow incredibly long. It’s a wise idea to break them up into smaller paragraphs.


Your schedule is entirely in your hands. Set your availability time, but, only when you are available. Postponing and rescheduling appointments is unprofessional. As soon as you have availability, students will be able to reserve a class or trial class with you.

Here’s a little-known fact: marketing also involves availability. You should be approachable enough to come across as devoted, but not too approachable as to come across as well-known and elite. This is particularly true after you establish a solid reputation. Unexpectedly, after I cut back on my availability, I started to get more reservations from new students.

Create a video of yourself that sells

Talk about your students, not yourself. Focus on what you can accomplish for the student in your video rather than talking about yourself.

  • How can you help them?
  • What do you specialize in?
  • What types of students are you looking for?

You might bring up your passions and educational background if you want to establish a personal connection.

Don’t read a script

If you want to prepare for your speech, write a script, but don’t read it. Even little portions can be modified and memorized. In your video, make sure you speak the languages you wish to teach and that it is at least one minute long. It’s also a good idea to talk in English in your video if you’re instructing in a language other than English.

Pick a convincing background

Your video serves as a marketing tool. Depending on your history, people could perceive you very differently. Building a reliable and impactful impression will be made easier with the aid of books, maps, flags, and other items that are indicative of your nation.

Although your smartphone is already capable of taking a passable video, lighting should be taken into account. Find a location with lots of natural light and shoot there. Utilize a separate microphone. In any case, you’ll require it for your classes.

Choosing Prices

Free market

Italki is an unrestricted online market. Pricing options are available, ranging from $4 to $80 per hour. A great strategy to attract students to test you out and give you feedback is to start with cheaper classes. For the first month, I offered 30-minute trial classes for $1; thereafter, I billed $10 per hour.

Even if you’ve taught in the past, you might not know how to do it successfully online. The cheaper costs allow you to learn without stress and establish a solid reputation. During this time, you should expressly request feedback from your students and explain why it is significant to you.

Ask them whether they had any satisfaction after the class (if yes, ask them to write something on Italki, if no, try to rectify this). As your profile rises thanks to favorable comments, you can and should increase your charges. There are teachers in the marketplace in Italki that routinely charge $5 per hour. Focus on giving your students something of worth rather than attempting to outdo them.

There will be pupils looking for the cheapest teacher as well as those looking for the best teacher. If you charge $5 to $10 an hour, you’re excluding these kids. Promote yourself to them since, in my opinion, students who are looking for the greatest instructors are more motivated and engaged.

Raising prices

It might be challenging for many teachers to raise their rates. I didn’t on Italki. There are numerous teachers in this sector. There is no requirement for students to choose just one. They may switch constantly between professors or take courses from multiple instructors at once (which happens frequently).

I increased my fees because, in this situation, I didn’t feel like I’d be “leaving someone hanging” if I didn’t. Two conclusions came out of this, both of which proved that I was on the correct track: the first is that more than half of my original paying students were able to pay the most recent, higher price while receiving the same level of service.

Second, despite the higher prices, the student flood was not significantly reduced. I was going to drown. It was time for another price increase after learning a key lesson from my 30-day experiment: teach less and charge more.

How much does Italki pay?

The interesting part is now here: how much does Italki pay? Italki lets you charge anywhere from $4 and $80 per hour for your time, in contrast to other online teaching businesses that have a fixed hourly cost and some incentives. To entice pupils, the majority of teachers offer trial lessons for about $1 to $5. Charge considerably more for everyday classes after that.

Up to three trial classes can be scheduled by a single student, but only one per teacher. The hourly wage for an English instructor ranges from $15 to $35 on average. Everything depends on your teaching style and topic matter expertise. Keep in mind that Italki charges a fee of 15% of your revenue.

Course packages

Italki also has a feature that is particularly helpful for teachers: the ability to create comprehensive course bundles. A course like “business English,” a 10-lesson course geared toward total novices, may be taught for $30 per hour.

The ideal lesson bundles, in my opinion, are five or ten lessons. Although 5–10 classes with a new teacher are manageable, I wouldn’t schedule 20. To encourage customers, a discount of 10% to 15% should be reasonable.

Teaching methods and materials

You have complete control over the teaching strategy and course content, in contrast to online teaching firms. The powerpoints, PDFs, and downloadable content are entirely up to you. Italki will have to do a lot of work as a result.

Video calls

My fave video calling program is Skype. Depending on the adjustments, it may occasionally be buggy, but it is still acceptable. I particularly value the following characteristics:

  • Webcam + screen sharing at the same time
  • Editing and deleting your messages in the chat in case of typos
  • Showing the student’s video even when I switch to other windows
  • Hiding your background
  • Most students already have it
  • Free

Other options include Google Hangouts, Facetime, and Zoom. All of them are workable, but some of the aforementioned characteristics aren’t present. Italki advertises a “virtual school,” but it rarely operates. It has been around for a while, yet it still isn’t functional. Because it is not free, Wechat is primarily used by Chinese people. Although the Chinese government spies on you, it functions outside of China.

Italki affiliate program

For every new student (not the teacher) who registers and makes a purchase through Italki’s straightforward partner program, $10 is paid. This is a little one-time fee that won’t matter if you’re already well-known. If so, you should probably refrain from moving students to Italki and manage them directly using your website or a scheduling tool like Calendly.

The winning approach is specialization

Why specialize

The biggest error that freelancers make is trying to serve everyone. This applies to material creators, designers, and translators in addition to online educators. The quality of your lessons, students, and entire business can improve by limiting your reach, despite your fears of losing business. The advantages are:

  • Perceived professionalism and expertise
  • Efficient reuse of your existing teaching materials
  • A higher degree of preparation
  • More enjoyable classes for you and your students

What’s in a specialized profile?

But how do you specialize? You can also provide “conversation practice” sessions if you work as a community teacher in Italki. However, you can still improve your sales copy. If you have teaching experience, you can set different prices for various courses kinds, such as “Business English,” “French for Travelers,” and “Italian for Opera.” Having said that, I still advise starting with a more general course.

Choose your lesson lineup

Italki permits you to create up to six courses as a professional teacher, but this is too many. Having a lot of options can be perplexing. Two to three courses are the ideal number. You can always keep a pricey course on hand to use as an anchor. Due to the high price of this option, the other choices will seem more cost-effective. Keep it simple.

Keep in mind that non-native English speakers join your class, so make it as simple as you can for them. It’s a good idea to write your profile and course description in English even if you don’t teach English to make it easier for beginners to understand.

Online language teaching equipment

Theoretically, all you need to teach online is a phone and a data plan. However, since you are billing students for a service, you should strive to make their time with you as enjoyable as possible to get good feedback. More advice for effective online language learning can be found on Skype. Here are some tips I have for anyone teaching online.

Buy earphones or headphones with a microphone

You must immediately purchase a decent headset! Don’t commit the same error I made, please. I’m not sure how many pupils I missed as a result of my subpar microphone malfunctioning or picking up the background noise. Here is my guide about using headsets when teaching online.

Use a good computer

The majority of the classes will be video chats, and they will be highly intense. You could be required to conduct Google searches, send documents, and send messages during the course. Use a laptop or desktop computer since you can’t do this with a tablet or phone.

Find a quiet place for your classes

The ability to hear everything that is said in an online class is one of its most unexpected features. Even virtually inaudible sounds can be heard by the student. Stay away from people who are talking, watching TV, or cooking. If noise is unavoidable, you can always lower your microphone’s sensitivity.

This choice can be found in the “options > audio” section of Skype. You must turn off the “adjust automatically” option to adjust the sensitivity manually. Use the “echo test” Skype account to take an audio test before class.

You can replace or blur your background to help your pupil concentrate on you even while you’re in a crowded area. During the call, right-click on your video and select “blur/change background” to enable the option.

Find a fast internet connection

Video calls might be difficult. You will require both a fast and a dependable internet connection. If you’re a digital nomad going to a new location, the internet connection speed should be your first port of call. Utilize the Ookla speed test to gauge it.

If your upload and download speeds are greater than 10 MB/s, you can feel secure. I’ve taught in settings with much slower data rates than 1 MB/s, but I don’t advise it. This value must hold steady during the test. If it changes, your call may always be choppy.

There is a feature on Skype to check the audio quality, but there isn’t one for the video quality. Call the “echo/test” user after adding it to your contacts. You can record a message and play it back. This test does not guarantee that a video chat would go without a hitch because video uses a lot more data than voice does.

How do I get paid?

  • The student registers for your lesson and pays Italki for it. You have yet to get anything.
  • You do the lesson.
  • Await the student’s affirmation. If a student doesn’t confirm their class within the allotted three days after the class ends, it will be done for them.
  • Check your “teacher wallet”. Once a class has been completed the money will go into your teacher’s wallet and can be withdrawn on certain dates each month depending on your withdrawal method.
  • Request a withdrawal. If you use Paypal, you can take money out of your teacher’s wallet on the 15th or 30th of every month. Your payment needs to be processed for 1–10 days before you may transfer the funds from your Paypal account to your bank account. Other options include Skrill, which I’ve tried once and liked, and Payoneer, which I loathe.

Random tips to succeed on Italki

random tips to succeed on italki

Taking breaks

Expect it to take some time to re-establish student relationships if you take a break, like for a trip. Don’t ever disable “Accept New Students.” In my experience, if you do this, it could take some time before you start getting new students after you turn it off. If you’re feeling overworked, decrease your availability or raise your prices.

Price dynamics

If you change the price or the number of classes, you can see a delay or even a drop-off before the impact becomes apparent. Over the years, I’ve adjusted my prices a few times. Every time I’ve done that, lesson requests temporarily decreased for a few days or a week before increasing again. or even greater.

At the lower end, you lose students, whereas, at the upper end, you acquire them. Some people will instantly look for more costly professors on the assumption that they must be “better” (whether this assumption is true or false).

Log in often

Every time you log in or just refresh a page on Italki, your profile is displayed at the top of the list. You’ll be listed as being online more frequently in the teacher directory the more frequently you check into Italki.

As a result, pupils will be able to reach you more easily. Thus, your workload will increase. Since being busy indicates that a teacher is successful and well-liked, students enjoy seeing it.

Start cheap and available

As a new instructor, try to be as available as you can over the first few weeks. Offer a $1 trial lesson. Charge the absolute least for a single conversation class ($8 for professionals and $4 for the general public).

Your goal should be to add some reviews, ratings, and scores to your profile throughout the first several weeks. Additionally, you’ll learn more about the platform. Once you’ve established a name for yourself, recruiting new pupils will be a lot simpler.

Don’t hurry

Do not anticipate instantaneous miracles. Building a student base is a patient process that takes time. Success breeds success in a positive feedback loop.


You’ll gain a better grasp of what you enjoy and don’t like after a few lessons, as well as how your pupils react. Focus your lessons on what is effective. You have three or six slots per language you teach to experiment with new lessons, so don’t be hesitant to do so.

Only teach 1-to-1

You may be asked to instruct two or more non-professional students at once. Some people don’t even bring it up until the lecture has begun! Anyhow, decline their request. It will simply not work out.

Based on reviews, fine-tune your profile

Check the names and content of your classes! If you make things sound intriguing, students will be more engaged. Instead of introducing yourself or outlining your credentials, focus on what you can accomplish for them. Also, a little comedy never hurt anyone, in my opinion. Adapt your bio and lecture description based on the opinions of your students. They are aware of their wants and needs.

How do correct students

Correcting language learners is an art. On the one hand, they will become confused and lose confidence if you correct them every time they make a mistake. On the other hand, if you don’t correct them, they won’t understand how to repair their mistakes.

Perhaps they aren’t even conscious of their error! Each person has a different preference for when to correct. It also relies on the latency brought on by the speed of your internet connection.

Alternatives to Italki

Similar platforms

Italki and other online language learning resources like it have several alluring advantages for me:

  • Students are motivated adults or young adults learning of their own volition
  • This usually makes lessons much more interesting and enjoyable

Italki’s competitors that I listed in my review for students include the following resources for language learning:

  • Verbling
  • Verbal Planet
  • Preply

They could be better than Italki, which is why I said “could.” You should choose the greatest teaching platform and concentrate on just one of them. It makes perfect sense to teach on Italki.

Online schools

Online language schools, as opposed to Italki, operate online but otherwise resemble traditional language schools. VIPKID, Palfish, DADAabc, and Landi are a few well-known examples. I’ve never thought about them because:

  • Most of these teaching websites cater exclusively to children and younger learners
  • Lessons are mainly at unsociable times or require you to commit to blocks of hours each day/week
  • Unless you are a native English speaker, there is also very little chance to be able to teach there
  • Generally, you need higher qualifications to be hired

How many hours per month should I teach?

I used to hold 30-45 classes a month in the past. Even though it wasn’t enough to support myself, I had other income streams, so I wasn’t under a lot of stress. During the 2020 epidemic, demand increased by twofold, and I was worn out. I only have roughly 20 classes a month now that I’ve raised my prices.

I’ve seen people who work 80 to 100 hours a month or more. These are frequently established profiles that might easily increase their rates and make the same amount of money they do currently. You always have the freedom to choose your hours and fees, so your workload will never exceed your expectations.

Keep it inside Italki

Don’t share or post your personal account information on your profile or with other students to maintain your privacy. When a student requests a session with you, Italki will give you and your student contact information so you can each add the other to your favorite communication channel.

To save money on their commission once you’ve begun instructing a student, resist the desire to make an offer outside of Italki. Building a profile with many satisfied students is in your best interest so that you can draw in even more and better pupils. Additionally, it’s simply not worth the effort you’d spend booking and rescheduling by yourself.

How to Stand out

You want to draw a student’s attention to a teacher’s market and give them information so they may make choices. Here are some pointers I have for writing a profile that draws students.

Focus on the benefits

Refrain from talking too much about yourself. The focus of your presentation should be on your pupils and how working with you would benefit them.

Determine who you want to reach

Just like any other form of business, your message would be far more compelling if you choose to speak to a specific audience. As this will make your message boring and uninspiring, resist the need to appeal to everyone and everybody.

Make a professional video

Whether you like it or not, the video on your profile is unquestionably the most crucial component. It should therefore appear professional. You can do this without having a license as a videographer.  What I recommend is:

  • Make eye contact with the camera
  • Smile
  • Have a neutral background or add “marketing” elements
  • Speak slowly, loudly, and clearly

Choose a creative “display name”

During the online application, you will be required to enter both your complete name and a “display name.” Your students should be able to address you by this name, even if it doesn’t have to be your real or legal name. In addition to your initial name, I advise adding one or two terms that explain your specialty or make you stand out. My display name, for instance, is “Stefano the polyglot.”

FAQs about Italki

On Italki, how much do teachers earn?

The objectives of each teacher are up to them, with hourly charges ranging from $6 to USD 40 and instructors offering 10 to 100 classes per month. You won’t get wealthy on Italki, but you can easily earn some extra money or perhaps a living.

How does Italki work for teachers?

Italki offers a lot of autonomy to teachers and levies a reasonable commission for the encouragement and advancement it provides. Your rates, availability, and class schedules are entirely in your hands.

How do you reschedule a lesson on Italki?

As long as you give at least 24 hours’ notice, you can reschedule a lesson as many times as you’d like. Please remember that your counterpart is not required to accept or reply to your correspondence. Try to arrive at the appointed time, and if you must reschedule, include a note stating the reason.

Which language pays the most?

Classes in languages spoken in nations with a high cost of living tend to be more expensive. On the other side, a lot of tutors are located abroad, and digital nomads favor places with cheaper costs of living. Lower rates might be an option for them.

If a language is widely spoken, you can locate tutors at a range of price points. For instance, it costs far less to hire an English teacher in the Philippines than it does in the United States. In any event, don’t let the prices of other tutors deter you from increasing your own.

How expensive is Italki?

Italki doesn’t charge teachers anything. You simply need to charge 15% for each class you instruct (excluding trial lessons). There are therefore no barriers to entry for new tutors entering the market.

Is it possible to make a living in Italki?

If you effectively advertise yourself and have an engaging profile with plenty of students, you can support yourself on Italki. On the other hand, a lot of teachers work part-time jobs. Even some volunteer community tutors do it for fun.

How good is Italki?

The best website for learning and teaching languages online is Italki. The greatest database of educators and students is available there. Furthermore, it features the best overall system.

What percentage does Italki take?

Italki retains 15% of each lesson that students indicate as completed, excluding trial classes. This percentage doesn’t change with time or according to how many lessons are taught. In comparison to other websites of a similar nature, this one has the lowest commission, and their outstanding service justifies it.

How long are the Italki lessons?

Lessons can be scheduled for 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes. The other lengths aren’t necessary; only the 60-minute lesson is. Never have I witnessed a teacher conduct a lesson that is longer than 60 minutes.

Do Italki credits expire?

Credits on Italki never expire. Anytime you like, you can redeem your balance or move it to your student’s account.

Does Italki use Skype?

Teachers can select the program they want to utilize in their classes using Italki. Skype is the most widely used. Italki also provides a “virtual classroom,” but I don’t advise using it because it rarely functions.

How do you get more students on Italki?

You must advertise yourself, just like any other business. Teachers are famously bad at this, and many of them burn out as a result of teaching an excessive number of lessons for meager pay. Pay attention to the feedback you receive from your pupils and make any necessary adjustments to your profile to draw in interested students.

How long should a tutoring session last?

Beginners should begin with frequent, brief lessons, especially those who are learning a foreign language for the first time. Let’s assume that each session lasts 30 minutes. I only attend classes that are 60 minutes long as a student. Teachers can vary the length of their classes, except for the 60-minute lessons that are obligatory.

Is Italki safe?

Yes, Italki is secure for both teachers and pupils. The worst that can happen is personality incompatibility because everything is done online. You can always block someone if they are especially unpleasant.

Invest in training

I spent countless hours watching webinars about teaching online from the perspectives of marketing and education before I started doing so on Italki. Chris Rush, an ELS teacher, held a series of live webinars that were a really helpful and inspirational resource.

He is mostly responsible for the advice you’ll find here. Chris guided me in a few sessions while I developed my strategy and profile. I would suggest taking his course, but I don’t believe he is currently teaching. He is employed with Off2class.com.

Start teaching and making money on Italki

Online teaching is a wonderful resource that may be done either full- or part-time. You may meet students from all around the world, and it’s a lot of fun. For English students looking for an online English tutor, Italki has quickly become the leading option.

Italki is an online marketplace where independent teachers can offer their rates and services; it is NOT an online school. It’s a benefit that there are so many students. You can determine your schedule and fees as an Italki teacher, and Italki can help you discover paying students.

The platform has a lot of teachers, which is a drawback. Students might have to select between you and other language tutors because this is an internet marketplace, so make sure your profile stands out. Make sure you have a distinctive profile, a video that emphasizes how you can assist the student, and a specialty.

You’ll only be competing on price if you offer generic lessons. Continue to translate in your mind. Want to learn authentic Italian? Check out Stefano’s courses if you want to speak and think fluently in Spanish quickly!

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