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How to learn Spanish on your own

how to learn spanish on your own

How to learn Spanish on your own? What are the steps and where can you find resources for learning the Spanish language? Read for more.

Why learn Spanish on your own?

why learn spanish on your own

What are the main advantages of learning a new language on your own? The first benefit of learning this way is that you can do so whenever and wherever you want. Additionally, self-study of a foreign language can be less expensive than taking private lessons.

Studying independently can be less demanding than taking a class because there are no due dates or homework requirements. On the other hand, you must be extremely focused and aware of your goals. You can learn Spanish on your own if you are dedicated and set aside enough time to study.

Learn Spanish on your own: is it hard?

Many people who want to begin learning this lovely language ponder the question, “Is it difficult to learn? “Will I succeed?” There is no universal response because it greatly depends on the languages you already know. French and Spanish are very similar languages.

They are all members of the Romance language family, which includes several languages descended from Latin. Therefore, learning Spanish will be much easier if you already know a little bit of French, Spanish, or Portuguese. However, there are still some words and grammatical structures in English that are similar to those found in Romance languages.

That’s not all, though. Your approach and the tools you employ can make learning Spanish simpler (or more difficult!). Sometimes it seems like you’re not moving forward because you’re employing the incorrect technique. Choose a strategy that works for you and rely on trustworthy sources.

Learn Spanish on your own: how to start?

Knowing why you want to learn is a good place to start if you want to learn Spanish independently. What do you hope to accomplish, and at what level of proficiency? Communicating in Spanish or having a large vocabulary for travel is very different from reaching a C2 level.

You might want to learn Spanish for a variety of reasons. Would you like to reside in Spain? Or is Spanish a requirement for travel? You can select your “how” once you know your “why.”

Dedication to learning is the first essential requirement. You could promise yourself, for instance, “I will devote 20 minutes a day to learning Spanish,” or you could make a weekly schedule. Then decide what you want to concentrate on: perhaps you want to learn more grammar rules, increase your vocabulary, or enhance your pronunciation and fluency.

You can use various resources depending on what is your main focus. Some content is necessary for every language learner, though. Steps to learning Spanish independently:

  • Find a reliable online dictionary you can use as a guide whenever you need to know the definition of a word or phrase.
  • Obtain a grammar manual. Although grammar can be tedious for some people, understanding some essential Spanish grammar can help tremendously. You can raise your spoken proficiency in Spanish to a higher level by using grammar.
  • Get the apps you need to practice your target language by downloading them. These applications, like Duolingo, are useful and entertaining, and you can use them anywhere. It is convenient to continue practicing while riding the bus or on your way to work.

Learn Spanish on your own: motivation and method

learn spanish on your own motivation and method

It takes more than just using language-learning apps and a good dictionary to learn Spanish on your own. Two things are essential for learning any new language: method and motivation.

Knowing what you want to accomplish (for instance, “I want to speak Spanish fluently”) and why (for instance, “I want to live in Spain”) is a sign that you are motivated to learn. You will also learn what resources work for you if you have a clear motivation.

You have a proper method when you study in a way that works for you and enables ongoing improvement. If not, your progress will be significantly less apparent (or not apparent), and you’ll gradually start to lose motivation.

Motivation and method are the cornerstones on which you can build your language abilities. What else do you require? You must practice with the appropriate tools:

Learn Spanish on your own: resources

What are the best tools available to a Spanish learner who has chosen not to enroll in a course? As previously stated, a good dictionary and grammar book are essential resources while studying. We have free access to a wealth of resources online to help us learn Spanish (or any foreign language).

Don’t you think it sounds great? On the other hand, having too much information can leave you unable to make a decision. Avoid overloading yourself with books, videos, and readings from various sources. It might be perplexing.

Try instead to limit your resource selection to a small number and stick with them. If you’re wondering how to pick the best resources, keep in mind that practice is essential if you want to learn Spanish independently. To do this, concentrate on reading, speaking, and listening-related material.

Let’s examine some of the best tools for independent Spanish study.

Spanish music

It’s enjoyable to listen to music because it enables you to connect lyrics to music. Furthermore, the human brain is programmed to respond to emotions, and music evokes emotions. You can read the lyrics to Spanish songs while you listen to them and try to translate them into your language so that you can comprehend what is being said.

You’ll enjoy yourself while picking up new Spanish vocabulary and expressions. Visit this page to find some songs in Spanish.

Readings in Spanish

You can naturally hone your language abilities and apply what you learn by reading in Spanish. Frequently, textbooks can be dull. Rather, when you read something you like, you stop thinking about how much you are learning. You’ll quickly recall what you read if it makes you feel something.

You become so engrossed in the story that you unconsciously pick up new words and expressions. Conversations in Spanish or short stories that portray typical everyday situations are engaging ways to learn Spanish naturally.

You can learn words and expressions that you can use in real life by reading these stories, which are based on situations that may arise during your visit to Spain (such as going to the doctor, making hotel reservations, ordering food, etc.).

How to structure your Spanish self-study session

Having a schedule or learning occasionally is unnecessary if you’re learning Spanish alone. You must plan out your study schedule if you want to see progress! You might combine the resources already mentioned and break up your daily lesson into the following sections:

  • 20 minutes for a Spanish reading assignment: read aloud, translate, and write a summary of a book or short story;
  • 20 minutes for an audio lesson: listen, read the transcript, or write it down, then work on your pronunciation;
  • Take ten minutes to read, translate, and underline the unfamiliar words in the lyrics of a Spanish song. And if you want to make learning more enjoyable, sing the song.

The aforementioned example can be modified as needed. Maybe one day you’ll want to spend ten minutes practicing your grammar or watching a YouTube tutorial. Being adaptable makes studying more enjoyable, so it’s completely fine.

How much time should be spent studying Spanish on your own? Naturally, the lengthier, the better. But be careful not to overdo it because it might become too stressful if you do. The ideal situation would be to set aside at least 30 minutes per day to learn Spanish.

Try to use the Spanish language as much as possible throughout the day. For instance, write your shopping list in Spanish, watch Spanish-language television, or read the news in Spanish. Learning is much more rapid when a language is used in practice rather than just in theory.

Learn Spanish with the help of a coach

Living in your little world while learning Spanish is not recommended. You must get criticism if you want to get better. Support is essential because you run the risk of repeating your errors without it. The aid of one-on-one coaching can help you avoid this.

A coach is typically a seasoned language instructor who offers advice on how to maximize study. With the help of a coach, you can get answers to your questions and receive immediate feedback on your errors and advancement. You will gradually improve and eliminate all possible small or large language learning mistakes if you combine active coaching sessions with independent study.

How to learn Spanish on your own: a wrap-up

  • It is possible to learn Spanish independently; all you need is the right approach and the right level of motivation. Be aware of your goals to keep your motivation high and give your progress a purpose.
  • Although they are a good place to start, a good dictionary and grammar book alone is insufficient for learning Spanish. They must be used in conjunction with other tools and deliberate practice;
  • Spanish readings and music can be used to practice your language skills and make language learning more interesting.
  • With audio lessons, you can enhance your speaking abilities and Spanish pronunciation.
  • It will help your progress if you try to schedule your lessons and establish a routine.
  • You can eliminate errors with 1:1 coaching and get ongoing feedback from native language experts.

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