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Learn Spanish words with these 4 simple mnemonics

learn spanish words with these 4 simple mnemonics

Are you using mnemonics in learning the Spanish language? Here are some Spanish words with 4 simple mnemonics for your learning.

What are mnemonics?

what are mnemonics in spanish

A mnemonic device, also known as a memory device, is any learning strategy that facilitates in the retention or retrieval (remembering) of information in human memory. Mnemonics use particular techniques such as elaborative encoding, retrieval cues, and imagery to encode any given information in a way that allows for efficient storage and retrieval.

Mnemonics help original information get connected with something more accessible or meaningful, resulting in enhanced information retention. Simply explained, a mnemonic is a tool that aids in the recall of specific facts or huge volumes of information. They can take the shape of a song, a rhyme, an acronym, a picture, a phrase, or a sentence.

Mnemonics aid in the recall of knowledge and are especially beneficial when the order of events is critical. Because of the emotional response they elicit, Spanish idioms, sayings, proverbs, quotes, and even Spanish swear words might aid in word memory. They can also aid in the retention of vocabulary in a foreign language.

4 Mnemonics: and never shall we forget it!

For new information – in our instance, basic Spanish phrases, common Spanish words, and Spanish numerals – to keep in your mind, you must correlate it with mental imagery that follows the rules of exaggeration, movement, unexpected association, and emotional involvement.

Mnemonic 1: learn foreign words through exaggeration

When employing mnemonics, one general rule of thumb is that the more exaggerated and weird the visualization, the more likely it will stick with you. This is why it helps to make things incredibly big, to give inanimate objects faces, to have your images do ridiculous things, or to make your images break physical rules.

Anything that would leave an indelible mark on your mind if you saw it in real life is a suitable candidate for imprinting an image in your memory. Consider things on an unusual scale. An individual weighing 200kg and standing 3 meters tall draws attention. Swear words might even serve to make a sentence remember!

Mnemonic 2: learn foreign words through movement

Adding movement or activity to your photographs helps to create a flow between the topics you’re attempting to remember. We evolved to be more alert to moving objects, allowing us to detect danger around us. A pupil who stands out in a classroom full of sitting students will get everyone’s attention. Place things on top of one other, crash them together, merge photos, wrap them around each other, rotate them around each other, or have them dance together.

Mnemonic 3: learn foreign words through the unusual association

A unique or out-of-place item in your photographs improves remember. Put two things or situations from distinct settings together. In the rain, a man holds a satellite dish like an umbrella. Your mind will be captivated.

Now, imagine the shape of Egypt in your head for a moment. Having difficulties? And what about Spain? You probably performed much better with Spain because you discovered it was shaped like a boot at some point.

You had formed a connection with something you were previously familiar with. To code information or dress up an image, use all of your senses. Remember that your mnemonic can include noises, scents, tastes, touch, movements, and feelings in addition to images.

Mnemonic 4: learn foreign words through emotional involvement

Learning through emotional connection is most likely the most effective technique. When we hear the news that affects us, we remember it for a long time, if not forever. A close friend’s death, the song from your first date, an earthquake.

It is feasible to recreate this experience in real life by visualizing people, items, and familiar settings. I learn words faster when I’m around people I like or in exciting settings. I recall who taught me those words, as well as when and when. Along with the core information, the brain stores anything it perceives to be significant at the time (the circumstances).

Association to mental pictures based on these principles assists the brain in moving information from short-term to long-term memory. When I practice conversation or compose compositions, I use these ideas to say and write memorable sentences. One of my first sentences in Korean, for example: “Where is the dog?” It’s in the washer right now.”

Ask an expert

Why not consult an expert for advice on the most effective memory-improvement techniques? The Magnetic Memory Method was created by memory expert Anthony Metivier. On his blog, he discusses his memory methods, which include:

  • Acronyms
  • The Memory Palace Method
  • Pegwords, Associative Imagery, and Linking
  • The Story Method
  • Dominic System and Major System
  • Mind Mapping

Repetition helps to memorize foreign words

repetition helps to memorize foreign words in spanish

You want to recall where a little review is needed in long-term memory to securely place everything. For the following few days, try to go over the associations you created for specific things at least once a day. Rather than simply repeating the phrases, consider composing sentences with them or incorporating them into your next conversation or lecture.

You will eventually forget the images and only remember the information. Are you concerned about the strange visions that keep popping into your head and the long-term impact on your sanity? Don’t be concerned. Psychologists and memory experts believe that your memory will never fill up.

Appointments, and the associations and ideas you generate for them, will naturally be forgotten when the information is no longer required. Remember to get a good night’s sleep to help your brain integrate the new information.

I can propose the greatest nootropics for language learning to help you improve your brain capacity. By the way, if you were thinking about using flashcards to recall the most popular terms, learn why I don’t. And don’t just memorize words without using them. It will not help.

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