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Learning Spanish with podcasts

learning spanish with podcasts

Are you looking for an alternate way to learn Spanish? Learning Spanish with podcasts is your best option!

Learning Spanish with podcasts

Listening to Spanish podcasts is a great way to practice speaking, improve pronunciation, and learn new vocabulary. As with any language, speaking Spanish regularly will help you retain what you’re learning.

However, finding the time to listen to Spanish podcasts regularly can be hard. Are you looking for some engaging and useful options? Well, keep reading!

Discovering new podcasts can sometimes feel like an uphill climb, especially if you don’t have other users to recommend shows or reliable websites for further recommendations. But no worries!

We’ve covered you with this list of the most helpful and interesting Spanish-learning podcasts!

Spanish language learning podcasts

Spanish language podcasts are a great way to build a strong vocabulary in a relatively short amount of time. While reading and studying vocabulary can be helpful, listening to the Spanish language in context and conversation is a much better way to internalize the words and their meanings.

If you’re interested in learning Spanish, podcasts are a great way to do so for a few reasons:

  • You can study whenever you want, making it easy to integrate language learning into your schedule.
  • Podcasts are great for reinforcing vocabulary and sentence structure. You can listen and learn as often as possible, making it easy to internalize new material.
  • Podcasts are a great way to make language learning interactive.

Spanish for beginners

Spanish for Beginners is produced by a group called SpanishPod101.com. The show uses various techniques to teach Spanish as a second language, making it a great choice for beginners.

The program has a clear structure, with each episode focused on a specific topic. Topics range from useful expressions and greetings to more complex concepts such as the Spanish verb tense system.

The show is useful for beginners and intermediate learners looking to brush up on their Spanish skills. The podcast format is conversational, so it’s easy to follow along and get used to hearing natural conversation in Spanish.

Spanish vocabulary builders

The folks at SpanishDict.com produce Spanish Vocabulary Builders. The show features a different topic in every episode, ranging from professions and food to family-related vocabulary and expressions.

Every episode has a specific vocabulary theme, and each topic contains around five words. The host also provides examples and clear definitions for each word.

The podcast format is fairly simple, but it’s a great way to quickly build your vocabulary in Spanish. If you want to learn specific vocabulary related to a certain topic, this is an easy way to do so.

Advanced Spanish podcasts

Advanced Spanish Podcasts are a great option for intermediate and advanced learners looking to improve their Spanish skills. The podcast’s conversational format makes it easy to listen and learn simultaneously.

The show is hosted by a man named Phill. He’s a polyglot who speaks more than a dozen languages and knows much about Spanish. Each episode covers a specific topic, from general language learning advice to a more specific vocabulary.

Advanced Spanish Podcasts is a great choice for more advanced learners looking for a more casual approach to language learning.

learning spanish with podcasts

Spanish for intermediate learners

Spanish for Intermediate Learners is produced by the same team behind SpanishDict.com, the website that also hosts Spanish Vocabulary Builders. This podcast covers various topics, ranging from useful expressions to cultural topics.

The show is hosted by a native Spanish speaker who provides clear and useful examples and definitions. This podcast is a great choice for intermediate learners looking to brush up on their Spanish skills or learn new vocabulary.

Spanish culture through music and conversation

Spanish Culture Through Music and Conversation is a great podcast for Spanish learners interested in learning more about the culture behind the language. This podcast has a broader focus than other shows on this list, with each episode covering a different topic related to Spanish culture.

The topics vary from music to sports, and each episode features a guest who is an expert in their field. This podcast is great for intermediate Spanish learners who want to learn more about Spanish culture.

Bottom line

Spanish language podcasts are a great way for learners to practice Spanish with native speakers and in natural conversational settings. While there are many great options, these five are some of the best.

These are great podcasts to check out if you’re interested in learning Spanish. They’re all hosted by native speakers and provide useful and interesting content for intermediate and advanced Spanish learners.

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