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Spanish coffee: Everything you need to know

spanish coffee and everything you need to know

Here’s a little guide for ordering coffee in Spain and how to recreate the Spanish coffee experience at home with the right beans and the best machines.

Spanish coffee habits

spanish coffee habits

Do you love coffee? Are you someone who can’t live without drinking a cup every morning? Spanish people share the same enthusiasm and tradition for coffee as their Mediterranean neighbors, despite not being among the top 20 coffee drinkers globally, according to a 2017 survey by the International Coffee Organisation.

A large portion of Spaniards solely consumes coffee at breakfast (first thing in the morning rather than later in the day). It was a blatant lie to say that it was the most significant meal of the day.

Spanish folks often wait until after lunch or later in the day to drink a stronger brew and prefer milky coffee to wake up in the morning.

Keeping in mind that most individuals consume coffee outside of their homes, in cafeterias and bars, is also vital. When meeting up with friends, Spaniards are more likely to sit outside in a Terraza than to ask each other for a drink during their coffee breaks at work.

Drinking coffee has more social and ritual value than obtaining your caffeine fix.

What kind of coffee do Spaniards drink?

In Spain, espresso is typically used to make coffee. In other words, the serving size is normally smaller and less watered down than in northern European nations, but it frequently has a lot more flavor.

This means that instead of Starbucks’s large mugs, it is typically served in smaller glasses or cups. The majority of Spanish coffee is torrefacto, which indicates that sugar has been added to the coffee grain before roasting.

While one may anticipate that it would taste sweeter since the sugar burns and coats the beans, giving them a black shine, this gives the finished product a notably bitter and harsher flavor.

Due to cost-cutting measures, coffee beans were kept for a more extended period during the Spanish Civil War, which increased the roast volume and gave rise to the torrefacto tradition.

Torrefacto coffee has become the norm for Spaniards, despite claims to the contrary made by those who claim it dilutes the flavor.

The different types of Spanish Coffee

In Spain, you can order a variety of different types of coffee, whether you are in a restaurant or bar. The most typical are listed here:

  • Café Solo – the kind of coffee that Spaniards order the most frequently. A café solo is a little, highly potent black coffee that is typically served in a tiny glass.
  • Café Con Leche – is the second most common way to consume coffee, particularly as the morning cup. It can be served in a small or tall, thin glass and is made up of half café solo and half hot milk. The best place to have a café with Leche is a classic Spanish bar where the milk is poured into a metal jug and heated to a steaming temperature using the steam of the espresso machine.
  • Café Bombon – A little glass of condensed milk and a slowly poured cup of coffee make up this variation on café con Leche. After mixing, it has a very sweet flavor.
  • Café Americano – resembling a café solo but being provided in a more oversized glass or cup with extra water.
  • Café Cortado – a potent black coffee with a hint of milk, akin to café solo.
  • Café Con Hielo – This cold coffee, also called iced coffee, is typically consumed in the summer. When the Spanish serve you a “normal coffee,” they will also put some ice in a separate glass, and you should pour your coffee over it.
  • Café Sombra or Café Manchado – is primarily milk, with a trace or small amount of coffee.
  • Café Carajillo – Although there are many other types of coffee in Spain besides the café Carajillo, this is known worldwide as “Spanish coffee.” Spanish coffee is often rum-infused coffee that is topped with whipped cream outside of Spain. A classic café Carajillo in Spain is a café with a tiny bit of brandy. You might also substitute rum or whisky. If done correctly, the brandy is lit first to burn off the alcohol, and then the coffee (alone) is added.

Best Spanish coffee brands

spanish coffee

Here’s the list of Spanish Coffee Brands:

  • Segafredo
  • Illy
  • Lavazza

The most popular Spanish coffee brands include:

  • La Estrella
  • Saimaza
  • Baqué
  • Templo
  • Brasilia
  • Bonka
  • Santa Cristina
  • Catunambu
  • Tupinamba
  • Unic
  • Bou
  • Dibar
  • Novell

The Spanish coffee shop chains Bracafé, Jamaica, and Il Caffé di Francesco all sell their brands.

Best Spanish coffee maker brands

The most excellent Spanish coffee maker is now the only thing you lack. Continue reading if you want an authentic espresso machine from Spain.

  • Grosche Milano
  • Stovetop
  • Espresso Maker
  • Imusa Aluminum Stovetop Coffee
  • Moka Pot

The art of Spanish coffee

The art of Spanish coffee is built on tradition and simplicity.

There is a reason why international chains have yet to open or be very successful here. The locals place a high emphasis on authenticity, and many of the traditional taverns have been handed down through families for many years.

I put together this helpful little guide for you to have fun making espresso at home and some small tips for ordering coffee in Spain.

¡Tomemos un café! Let’s get a coffee!

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