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How to say Hello in Spanish

spanish how to say hello in spanish

How to say hello in Spanish? Here’s a guide on picking the appropriate Spanish greetings!

How to say hello in Spanish?

how to say hello in spanish the 15 most useful spanish greetings

Why learn Spanish greetings

Regardless of your level of fluency, it’s always a good idea to review the information and see whether you still have anything to learn. Every Spanish you will be delighted that you made an effort to learn more about their language and culture. The fundamentals are always crucial.

You’ll be able to maintain the conversation and meet many people. Spanish are known for their extreme politeness and want others to exhibit the same manners. It’s crucial to say “good morning” and “good afternoon” in Spanish.

It would be suitable for any outsider to know what to utilize because they are incredibly kind. Spanish may extend their respect to one another by shaking hands and saying buenos días or buenas noches.

How do you greet someone in Spanish?

Many Spanish are accustomed to welcoming others by touching them. In addition to shaking hands, some also grab individuals by the arms or pat them on the back. Particularly in Southern Spanish, does this apply? This could upset or astonish people from other cultures. When in doubt, take the safe route and greet someone in words!

how do you greet someone in spanish

Most common Spanish greetings

Depending on your relationship with the person, you will need to decide whether to use a formal or casual expression. The same is true for the time of day.

Communication with the locals can be greatly improved by using the appropriate expression at the proper time.

Here, you can learn the best and most popular formal and informal greetings in the Spanish language so that you’re always ready.

1.Hola — Hello
This is the most fundamental of the greetings, and it can be used with any of the others listed below. You may now say “Hola, buenos dias” or “Hola, buenas tardes,” with the h silent!

2. Buenos días — Good morning
“Buenos das” literally means “good day,” but it can also signify “good morning.” It is normally used until noon.

3. Buenas tardes — Good afternoon
If it’s one o’clock or later in the day and you want to express “good afternoon,” you might say “buenas tardes.”

It can be used until late in the evening in Spain and until the sun goes down in most Latin American and Caribbean countries.

4. Buenas noches — Good evening
Always keep the context in mind while using this word, as it might also signify “goodnight.”

5. ¿Cómo está? — How are you? (Formal)

This is a formal manner of asking someone how they are feeling. It is normally reserved as a display of respect for elderly persons and those in leadership positions. Always use this one to be on the safe side in various South American countries.

Are you doing business? Before initiating any business conversation, it is critical to inquire about a person’s well-being. It shows that you care about your client.

6. ¿Cómo estás? — How are you? (Informal)
The s at the end implies that you are conversing with someone your age or younger. If you hear “tutéame,” you are free to address the person informally, regardless of age!

7. ¿Cómo están? — How are you? (Plural)
How do you greet a gathering of people? The n at the end means you simply said hello to everyone. Make sure to kiss everyone in the group if you know them. If you’re a guy, though, kiss the ladies and shake the men’s hands.
Are you going to Spain? “How are you doing?” “ (ko mo es tais) (ko mo es tais).

8. ¿Qué tal? — How’s it going?
It may seem informal for some, but generally, this inquiry can be asked of anyone in a non-business context.

9. ¿Qué pasa? — What’s happening? / What’s up?
Are you conversing with your friends or someone younger than you? Use the phrase “What happened?” ” You might also hear this if someone wants to know if something is wrong.

10. ¿Qué hubo? — What happened?
In certain nations, it is considered casual. Use it with your family and friends. Just keep the quiet h rule in mind..

11. Bienvenidos — Welcome
Do you want to invite someone to your home? The phrase in Spanish is pronounced, “Bi en ße ni dos.”

If you welcome more than one person, keep the final s. When the last s is removed, it becomes singular.
If you’re speaking to a girl, say “bienvenida,” but if you’re speaking to a dude, say “bienvenido.” If there is a mixed group, use the term “bienvenidas.” If there is a diverse group, use the form “bienvenidos.”

12. Mi casa es su casa — My house is your house
If you want to make someone feel at ease in your home, you might remark, “Mi casa is su casa.” You aren’t giving your house away, but you are signaling they are welcome.
If you invited someone your age, replace “su” with “tu.”

13. ¿De dónde eres? — Where are you from?
Use this statement when you ask someone your age or younger where they’re from. The question will be changed to “Where are you from?” ” while speaking to an adult or someone in authority.

14. ¿Cómo te llamas? — What’s your name?
Literally, “How do you refer to yourself?” ” You say this when you want to know someone’s name. There are a few variations based on formality. You would ask someone older in Spanish, “Cómo se llama?” ”

15. ¿Aló? — Hello?
This is the standard way to answer the phone in many Spanish-speaking nations. Depending on where you go, you may hear “bueno,” “s,” and “diga” instead of “hello.”

Regardless of the welcome, answer by introducing yourself and asking how they are. It’s courteous not to inquire! Thank you very much. Then, explain why you’re calling.

16. ¿Adónde vas? — Where are you going?
Saying hi to someone in a hurry? Say this phrase to ask someone where they’re headed in Spanish. Change it to “va” for formal talks, and “vais” if you ask a group of people where they’re heading in Spain.

17. ¿Dónde has estado? — Where have you been?
Is it a long time since you last saw someone? Say “hello” and inquire about their whereabouts. Be prepared to hear the entire story!

18. ¡Hace tiempo que no te veo! — It’s been a while since I’ve seen you!
You’re greeting them, but it’s a long since you’ve seen them.

Greeting elders and superiors

¿Qué tal? In Spain, it is also used to greet an older person. If we want to be slightly more official, we’d probably use it followed by “don/doa”: “Qué tal Don Antonio?” But even if you don’t add don/doa, this is still used and is not regarded as too informal.

If you are in doubt

if you are in doubt… in learning greetings in spanish

Remember that you may always be polite and suitable by just saying hello and goodbye. Remember that in Spanish greetings, gestures are equally as important as words. Spanish also conveys greetings, hospitality, and enjoyment through body language.

Friends greet one another in Spanish by giving each other a vigorous hug or a double-cheek kiss. This could seem weird to people with a strong sense of personal space or those from cultures that are not typical.

Spanish is known for its frequent embracing and kissing, but only when people are close friends or family. This two-pronged kiss is given as a welcome and a parting gift. A handshake will do if you don’t feel that this gesture is appropriate.

When introducing yourself to someone new, shake their hand and say, “Encantada de conocerte(feminine) or Encantado de conocerte(masculine)” (nice to meet you). You can shake hands as a final farewell.

As with most European nations, cheek kissing is a standard greeting in Spanish. However, cheek kissing is less common among men in Spain and is only done to greet new friends. Kiss the left cheek first, then the right, to prevent unintentionally meeting noses.

Handshakes much more frequently follow the first meetings. As you get to know the other person, you move more into the cheek-kissing territory.

Most useful Spanish greetings

Knowing how to say hello is crucial, and it’s always fantastic to pick up new tricks. Now that you know how to greet someone in Spanish, make friends with Spanish, and use these phrases in the conversation!

How are you in Spanish, by the way? In Spanish, “happy birthday”? Lovely in Spanish? And in Spanish, please? Hola a Todas (feminine) Hola a Todos (masculine). Continue to translate in your mind.

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