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How to say “please” in Spanish

spanish how to say “please” in spanish

One of the basic words that you must know in other languages is how to speak “Please.” How can you say “Please” in Spanish?

How to say “please” in Spanish?

how to say “please” in spanish 7 common ways

To be courteous around native Spanish speakers and gain friends, learn to say please in Spanish! You should learn to say “please” in Spanish before visiting a country where the language is spoken. There are numerous circumstances in which you’ll need to use it.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for fast instruction on how to say please in Spanish. Some scenarios in which you’ll use it, and a few instances of typical phrases that incorporate the Spanish counterpart to “please”!

Let’s start now.

Interacting with native Spanish speakers

Speaking to someone in your best Spanish and getting an English language response can be rather depressing. You can even question your ability to pick up new tongues or think your everyday needs to be improved enough. The truth is that the type of native you’re speaking to must also be considered when deciding whether you will receive a response in English or Spanish, regardless of how much Spanish you know.

Spanish frequently feel uneasy speaking in English because of the accent, syntax, and vocabulary differences between English and their native tongue. You can make your Spanish friends more comfortable speaking with them by learning a few essential words in their language, enabling them to do so more quickly and easily.

It’s not necessary to be proficient in speaking to native Spanish speakers; even a few sentences will put them at ease and make them grateful. People studying Spanish will find that Spanish is frequently very responsive; they will frequently be delighted to converse with you and help you with your practice, and you will rapidly develop a connection.

One of the most significant ways to learn Spanish is to start with basic verbs like hello and goodbye, please and thank you, to order food in a restaurant, and to make small talk. This will enable you to speak your target language immediately and learn a few Spanish words and phrases.

However, it’s essential to consider nuances and implications even when using simple terms. There are various ways to express “please” in the Spanish language, which may be suitable depending on the circumstance.

How do we say ‘please’ in Spanish, and how is it pronounced?

Please is expressed in Spanish using the word Por favor. To pronounce it, you’ll need to remember that the v sound in favor is similar to the English plosive b sound, although it is a little softer. Remember that the r sound is not trilled or rolled, either. The role is softer overall.

A phonetic (IPA) breakdown of the word is provided below: /po fabo/.

Basic phrases to say please in Spanish

basic phrases to say please in spanish

Por Favor

In Spanish, this is a different way to pronounce “po fabo,” which means “please.” It is frequently employed and is acceptable in the majority of informal citations. The phrase means “for favor/courtesy.” It’s akin to the exceedingly polite and archaic English expressions “If you please” and “As you like.” This expression is acceptable in most contexts, just like per favor.

Per Cortesia

In formal Spanish, the phrase “per cortesia” might be used to request anything and a. Use this phrase whenever you’re in a traditional setting, typically rendered with the all-purpose word “please”. You can use it when conversing with strangers, senior individuals, servers, or your employer.

Ti prego / La prego / Vi prego

The colloquial saying “ti prego” has a dramatic sound, like a kid pleading for a toy or a victim pleading for pity. Vi prego is used while addressing multiple people, but la prego is the proper form of ti prego and should be used when speaking to strangers, older people, or someone with a higher rank, such as your boss.

Si prega di…

This is not a typical Spanish method of asking someone to do anything. It is used in highly professional and courteous settings and is typically addressed to a big audience rather than just one person or group. Instead of hearing it daily, you can listen to it on television during formal speeches.


Cortesemente can also be translated as “please” in specific situations. It indicates being courteous or kind. It is typically utilized in formal spoken settings or written communications. Remember that it can be used with words like si prega and La prego for added emphasis.


Gentilmente, which frequently appears in written correspondence or formal speech, has a meaning that is quite similar to cortesemente.

How to say thank you in Spanish

Of course, you must conclude the conversation by saying “thank you” in Spanish. There are numerous methods to show someone your appreciation.

Here are several Spanish phrases for saying “thank you”!

  • Gracias – Thank you.
  • Te lo agradezco (informal) Gracias/ (formal). – Thank you.
  • Mis agradecimientos– All my gratitude
  • Ofrezco mi más sincero agradecimiento- I offer you my sincerest thanks.
  • Mil gracias – Thanks a million.
  • Muchísimas gracias. – Thanks a lot.
  • Muchas gracias. – Many thanks.
  • Gracias por todo. – Thanks for everything.
  • Realmente lo aprecio. – I appreciate it.
  • Gracias de corazón. – Thanks from the heart.
  • Gracias desde lo más profundo de mi corazón. – Thanks from the depth of my heart.
  • Infinitas gracias. – Infinite thanks.
  • Gracias de nuevo. – Thanks again.
  • E estoy agradecida(feminine)Te estoy agradecido(masculine) . – I’m grateful to you.
  • No tengo palabras para agradecerte. – I don’t have words to thank you.

Spanish always reply to any thank you with a proper you’re welcome because manners are highly valued in their society.

How to say you’re welcome in Spanish

How do I respond to “thank you”? Thank you very much!

  • De nada; no fue nada – You’re welcome; it was nothing

This is an effort to lessen the situation’s impact, mainly if one party is likely to feel obligated to the other. The term in the target tongue suggests that there was no inconvenience and that you did not go out of your way to assist.

  • È il minimo che avrei potuto fare – It’s the least I could have done

You utilize this to demonstrate that you would have done more if you had the opportunity. Additionally, it is excellent when two parties have a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Non menzionarlo – Don’t mention it

When two people are familiar with one another, they should utilize this informal term. When employed, this expression indicates that your acts were not motivated by a desire for attention and that it was a pleasure to help.

  • Non è un problema – Not a problem

Both professional and casual conversations can use this. This refutes the idea that anything you must do for someone could be inconvenient.

  • È stato un piacere – It was my pleasure.

It suggests a degree of mutual advantage, and you were happy to assist. It’s formal and might be taken to indicate that you liked helping.

  • Sono sempre felice di aiutare – I am always happy to help

The expression conveys a particular eagerness to help anyone at any moment. Both serious and casual conversations can be had with it.

  • Nessun problema – No worries

It is an appropriate reaction when the expression of thankfulness changes into a concern for any trouble created and can be translated as “that should not worry you.”

  • In qualsiasi momento – Anytime

This demonstrates a willingness to assist whenever necessary. Since it is imprecise, it is not the best choice for formal contexts.

Learn more Spanish

please! learn more spanish!

Now that you know the Spanish word for “please,” speak to a native speaker in person. Do you know how to say hello in Spanish, by the way? What’s up in Spanish? in Spanish, “happy birthday”? Hello in Spanish? And in Spanish, please?

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