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Lovely ways to say I love you in Spanish

spanish 22 lovely ways to say i love you in spanish

Spanish is a very romantic language, thus what do your think are the lovely ways to say “I love you” in Spanish? 

How to say I love you in Spanish?

how to say i love you in spanish

Spanish places a lot of emphasis on the intensity of affection. Spanish is known to be a passionate individual, yet the language clearly distinguishes between romantic love and family love. You’ll lose all the lovely, intriguing complexity if you rely on Google Translate to provide you with a precise translation of how to say “I love you” in Spanish to English.

And in the process, save yourself a little shame. Spanish is a romantic language with many common expressions that range from corny to endearing. Let’s look at the various Spanish proverbs you can use to express your love for someone, along with when to use them.

I love you in Spanish to your boyfriend or girlfriend

Te Quiero – I love you
You can easily convey your love in Spanish by stating, “Te Quiero.”

Although it’s one of the most often used Spanish love expressions, it’s only appropriate in romantic contexts, so you should avoid using it with your friends and family.

Estoy enamorado de ti
I’m in love with you

Just use this phrase to express your love for your soul mate.

Since these two concepts are so dissimilar, Spanish for “I love you” differs from English for “I’m in love with you.”

Realmente Me gustas

I really like you

This one is for the beginning of everything. Before feelings begin to develop, you should express your feelings to someone.

Eres todo para mi
You mean everything to me

It would be charming to share this with a close friend or family member.

Eres el Amor de mi Vida
You’re the love of my life

Use this phrase to convey your powerful feelings for your romantic relationship.

Eres mi ángel
You’re my angel

Undoubtedly, some individuals enter our lives as blessings, which is the finest method to convey this.

Tu eres importante para mi
You are important to me

Say this to someone essential to you, very simply in good faith!

Te necesito
I need you

Although it seems dramatic, this does happen occasionally.

Soy todo tuyo
I’m all yours

You should tell your significant other about this. Although it requires some dedication, Spanish is a beautiful language!

Te he encerrado en mi corazón
I’ve closed you in my heart

This is the Spanish equivalent of “you’re always in my heart,” even though it may sound odd in English.

Eres Mi Pensamiento Favorito
You’re my favorite thought

And what better phrase than “you’re my favorite thought” can you use to let someone know they’re on your mind nonstop?

Quiero envejecer contigo
I want to grow old with you

Giving your life to someone is the best way to say you love them in Spanish.

Puedo contemplar tus hermosos ojos para siempre
I could keep staring into your lovely eyes forever.

When you say something like this, you can mean it literally: I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Tengo un flechazo contigo
I have a crush on you

Even though you may not want to say it most of the time, it is wise to be prepared just in case.

Por favor recuerda/piensa en mi
Please remember/think of me

Use this if you and a loved one are parting ways., such as in a long-distance relationship. It need not be a formal farewell.

I love you in Spanish to your family

Spanish’s “I love you” equivalent differs from English’s for lovers and family members. Te Quiero bien
I want you well

f you’re looking for strategies to inform your family and relatives that you care about them, “Te Quiero Bien” is the way to go.

Its literal translation is “I wish you luck.”

It might not make much sense in English, but in Spanish, it’s a widespread way to express platonic love.

Anyone can use it, including lovers, friends, family, and pets.

Quiero un mundo de bien para ti
I want a world of good for you

The previous one has been expanded upon in this.

You can use it whenever you want to let someone know how important they are to you and how much you genuinely care about them.

Tu Eres mi Tesoro
You’re my treasure

This might sound a little strange in English, but it’s a real thing in Spanish. It’s a beautiful way to express your love for your spouse.

Eres Una Joya
You’re a jewel

You can use this to say how much you value someone in your life, just like with “Eres Una Joya.”

Again, it can seem strange in English, but it’s a valid Spanish expression.

Te admiro
I admire you

Admiration is undoubtedly a form of appreciation, and it’s lovely to convey their significance to others. Nadie Es Como Tu
No one is like you

In Spanish, you can say “Nadie Es Como Tu” to emphasize how particular and significant a person is to you.

How do you express love in Spanish?

There are many ways to show love in Spanish, using words and phrases.

Spanish prioritize their families and are inclined to kiss each other on the cheek, like outward demonstrations of affection.

The Spanish ritual of Besos en la Mejilla, or cheek kissing, is a good place to start, even though you might need more time to start making extravagant public displays of devotion with your significant other.

Spanish expressions that you will love

spanish expressions that you will love

It might be challenging to express your feelings for someone in Spanish, so it’s important to be aware of the appropriate words to use at different times to avoid embarrassing yourself.

When your relationship ends, it’s time to bid your loved one farewell in the Spanish language.

How to say sorry in Spanish, thank you in Spanish, happy birthday in Spanish, and hello in Spanish are all common phrases.

Continue to translate in your mind. Want to learn authentic Spanish?

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