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What’s the best app to learn spanish?

best app to learn spanish

In this article, we’ll show you the best app to learn Spanish that will surely make your learning journey easier.

The best app to learn Spanish

The task of learning Spanish is significant and interesting. It’s crucial to locate the appropriate resources to support your learning, whether you’re doing it for business, vacation, or fun.

But with so many apps and tools available, choosing the best one can be difficult.

This post will showcase 10 of the most effective methods for learning Spanish to assist you in beginning your journey.

What are language learning tools?

Tools for language acquisition can assist you in developing the essential abilities required for fluency.

Some tools concentrate on the linguistic fundamentals, like vocabulary or grammar. Others will provide access to reading, hearing, or audiovisual materials in your target language.

Some programs can also connect you with virtual teachers for interactive courses and discussion classes to advance your speaking skills.

You may need to employ various resources to improve your language skills across the key skills.

Why use Spanish learning tools?

Language students have had very few limited resources available to them.

They were challenging to use while traveling, ranging from cumbersome dictionaries to hefty grammar texts. Additionally, while live seminars and courses can offer a lot of value to students, they can be costly and require a significant time commitment.

In comparison, internet Spanish learning resources let you study whenever you want and are typically far less expensive (or even free).

With multimedia tools, they may also make learning more engaging and make memorizing and language practice much more fun.

Many Spanish learning applications employ strategies based on neuroscience and educational research to ensure you obtain the greatest outcomes. Some resources can connect you with native speakers or other learners, lessening the isolation of studying Spanish alone.

You will have many opportunities to interact with real content and hone the necessary abilities, even if you cannot travel to a region where Spanish is spoken.

How to choose the best Spanish learning tool

Your money should be the primary consideration when selecting a Spanish study aid. Several tools are both completely free and have premium add-ons if you have a little extra cash to spare.

Lessons with virtual professors can be more expensive, but if necessary, you may be able to change their frequency or opt for a group learning option to reduce the cost.

You should also confirm that your tool of choice supports Spanish. If so, find out what grade level the resources are intended for.

A program that gives native-level content might not be the best option if you are a complete newbie.

In contrast, a tool that merely offers the bare minimum of features could be helpful at first, but if there is no possibility for improvement, you might not benefit as much from it.

Once you move past the fundamentals, some Spanish learning applications enable you to add your content, which can help you customize the curriculum to your interests and provide further motivation.

You can choose a tool by deciding the specific talent you wish to concentrate on.

It’s possible that you need to improve, particularly in reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Or perhaps all four need to be covered.

You can improve the overall development of your language by creating a set of tools. Consider the environment in which you wish to study, too.

If you’re studying in your home, speaking aloud-based Spanish learning applications might be ideal, but for learning Spanish while traveling, a bite-sized vocabulary trainer would be a better option.

A pre-scheduled virtual session or language exchange can also be an excellent approach to advance your speaking and listening skills if you have the time to dedicate to them.

However, if you’re on a tight schedule, you might want to start with an app that has content in more manageable portions.

Alternatively, pick one that enables you to engage in your typical interests (movies, blogs, or music) in Spanish.

Best apps to learn Spanish

best app to learn spanish


The Duolingo app’s entertaining characters and game-like lessons will aid in developing a solid foundation in Spanish.

To show how much you’re learning in a short time, you can use the app to track your progress and establish goals. For the smaller ones, there is also Duolingo Kids, which is accessible on iOS (sadly, Android users cannot currently access it).

best apps to learn spanish


Babbel is one of the most widely used apps for adult language learning. It is remarkably quick at getting you started on your Spanish-language adventure and is simple.

Babbel uses repetition and practical conversation practice to help you learn a language.


Pimsleur is an excellent option if you only have a few minutes to spare daily. This Spanish-language curriculum can be accessed for just 30 minutes at a time by busy learners, who can still profit from it.


By watching television, can I learn Spanish? No problem if we do. You may select from many Spanish television shows using LingoPie, including comedies, telenovelas, sitcoms, and more. To ensure you fully comprehend what you just watched, watch it first, then follow up with thorough reviews and flashcards.


Busuu has an extensive range of classes on the app, ranging from fundamentals to fluency. You can use the app’s accelerated courses or move at your own pace.


Memrise adapts to your learning style as you use it more by proposing the optimal practice exercises for you. You’ll be on the right track to learning conversational Spanish quickly because native Spanish speakers instruct each course.


Adults with a foundational understanding of Spanish but who wish to advance their proficiency should check out FluentU.

Brain Pop: Película del Día

Watch a different Spanish-language movie every day and do entertaining games and exercises to gauge your understanding. The stories have connections to historical events, notable people, and more.


Children are taken on a bilingual storytime excursion by FabuLingua. Children may play games, sing along to songs, and more by using the interactive sites. You can alter the settings to increase the difficulty as your child learns.

Spanish School Bus

Spanish School Bus draws its inspiration from the Montessori Method and incorporates lectures on words, numbers, verbs, and other topics with music by Latin Grammy winners. Check out the engaging lessons’ interactive flashcards, which will serve to reinforce them.

Endless Spanish

With the help of the adorable Endless monster crew (the same group from Endless Reader and Endless Numbers), kids will learn Spanish in a series of exciting games and interactive puzzles. Two modes are available: Spanish immersion for native Spanish speakers and English/Spanish for Spanish with English translations.


Join in the fun with Canticos, an Emmy-winning company that teaches kids a second language through games, read-along, and other activities. Children will enjoy picking their path to progressively introduce Spanish words and phrases.

Study: Fun Spanish for Kids

The study, the main figure of the program, is so adorable that it will be difficult to resist downloading him. Join him and learn more than 200 words and phrases from 70 sessions on various subjects.

Spanish for Kids with Stories on the Go by Gus

Gus on the Go introduces children to well-known stories in Spanish while teaching basic proficiency. Interactive games and animated story pages can help you improve your fluency. The only app on this list that potentially requires payment to download is this one; it costs $4 for Android users only.

Spanish Safari

Spanish Safari offers interactive stories for children between 3 and 9. Follow the amiable jungle creatures as they use repetition and gradual immersion to teach kids Spanish in a way that sticks.

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